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Friday, August 22, 2008 rinachan
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Well, I reviewed several manga, right? It’s time to review anime!

Onegai Twinzu (Please Twins!)

Please Twins is about a boy, named Maiku, who wants to find his long-lost twin. He’s raised himself for the longest time, and, with the help of a photo of himself and a girl, he’s stuck on the idea that he lived in a specific home and had a twin when he was young. After spotting the house on TV, he heads over to the home to live there. Shortly, a girl arrives. She tells him that she’s his long-lost twin and that it couldn’t be just coincidence that they both have blue eyes. (The Japanese usually have brown; blue eyes are for foreigners.) After some convincing, he lets her stay there. Only, soon, another girl shows up with the exact same story. They all eventually end up under the same roof, learning to maintain lives with each other. It seems they all fall for each other, too, and want him to them self. In the end, they must find out who is the twin and who is the ‘outsider.’

Full Metal Panic!

Although seemingly targeted towards guys, this anime is actually appealing to both sexes. Filled with action, sense-making mecha, and just a bit of love, Full Metal Panic! follows with war-crazy lives of Sousuke and Kaname. Kaname is a normal high school student, making good grades and hanging out with her friends… that is, until Sousuke arrives. Sousuke is sent to be her guard, and is supposed to stalk her every movement without her noticing. But how can you not notice this crazy guy in your class, showing up at even your train stop? He sets off bombs at lockers, takes explosives to school, and, what’s worse, busts into the girls’ locker room claiming someone’s coming to kill them all. Of course, he always gets beat up, but that’s the life of a “secret” military guy-gone-body guard. Oh, you’re wondering why he’s protecting her, aren’t you? Well, she is, apparently, apart of the rumored Whispered, those who possess Black Technology. Black Technology is technology that outstrips the level of technology that should exist in the world. Everyone is after the Whispered for their own purposes, and it’s a number one priority that no one finds out she’s one of them. Prepare for many battles and crazy war!


Watching as your eyes stare into the deep blue sky… Oh, sorry! I was singing the English opening. This is one of my favorite anime and I’m happy to be reviewing it. Yamato moves to big-city Tokyo to attend a school that specializes in athletics. On the way to his home, he passes his school. There, he sees an amazing beauty; a girl named Suzuka doing high-jumps at the track field. He falls in love, but doesn’t expect to see her again. Of course, he’s surprised when he learns that Suzuka actually lives in his aunt’s complex (where he is moving), and even next door to him. She’s just as surprised to find a man living in the complex. To get the girl of his dreams, he decides to prove to Suzuka that he’s worthy of her by joining track and field. This story will follow the dramas of these two and his love for sports as he tries to win her over, only to be shot down several times. Do you think she will choose him? Or will another girl get the chance…


Ah, another favorite. Kodocha (literally, Child’s Toy) follows the life of young actress Sana, who seems to be an ordinary, hyper-active fifth grader. Not only does she have a sad past, but she has a strong heart, one that will help anyone out in need. The story follows her crazy commercial shoots, her life at school with bullies, her love life with Akito, and her secrets of her home life. There isn’t much plot, but there’s tons of laughs and love to go around for us all! Which reminds me, I need to go pick up volume nine…


Mahoromatic. This is a difficult one to explain. I actually really like this one; it was one of my first few favorites. The story follows an orphaned boy who now lives on his own. When his parents died, they left their big home to him. Being alone, he finds it hard to clean the whole house, and so, he looks for a maid. Mahoro is the first to show, and after proving to be useful, she’s accepted. She gets room and board for exchange of cleaning the house and cooking. However, Mahoro is not your normal girl – she’s actually an android, coming there for the one purpose of her guilt. She was the murderer of his father, the only family he had left, and she feels that she must make up to both him and his father, whom she served. But throughout the series, we are reminded of how many days left. The only reason she could even retire as an android was because she only had a little over a year of life left. So how will the story end, and where will it leave the already devastated the orphaned boy, Suguru?

Hehe, gave you a few teasers there. I hope you enjoy these anime as much as I do. Rina-chan’s out, so peace!!


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