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Sunday, August 24, 2008 rinachan
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InuYasha can’t be more popular than it already is. It’s just completely impossible. Not to mention all its episodes and manga chapters. Why did it take over a decade to come to an end? It should’ve been done shortly after the anime was done… because, that’s when it got boring.

What is this anime about? Let me answer that for you.

“The story begins in Feudal Japan, when InuYasha, a half-demon (han’you), steals the Jewel of Four Souls from a village. The Jewel of Four Souls is an item that can increase one’s powers enormously. InuYasha does not get far before Kikyo, the young miko of the village, shoots him with a sacred arrow that indefinitely seals him onto Goshinboku, a sacred tree in the nearby forest. After being mortally wounded, Kikyo tells her younger sister, Kaede, to burn the jewel with her body to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil.

In modern Tokyo, a junior high school girl named Kagome Higurashi is on her way to school. She stops in the well house of her family’s Shinto shrine to retrieve her cat, Buyo, when a centipede demon emerges from the well and pulls her into the Sengoku period of Japan.

Not knowing where she is, Kagome wanders around a forest near the well. She spots Goshinboku off in the distance and proceeds towards it. On the tree, she finds InuYasha, who is still sealed in an enchanted sleep. Villagers seize her and take her to the old priestess, Kaede. Recognizing that Kagome is the reincarnation of her sister Kikyo, Kaede tells her the story of Kikyo and InuYasha.

The centipede attacks again, and Kagome is forced to release InuYasha from his enchantment so he can kill it. After defeating the centipede, InuYasha tries to take the Jewel of Four Souls from Kagome. In order to thwart InuYasha and to save Kagome’s life, Kaede places magical prayer beads around InuYasha’s neck so that Kagome can subdue him.

The Jewel of Four Souls attracts more demons, and in a battle against a carrion crow demon, the jewel is shattered into numerous shards that spread across Japan.

Kagome and InuYasha set out to collect the shards and restore the Jewel of Four Souls. Along the way, they befriend Shippo, a fox demon; Miroku, a cursed monk; and Sango, a demon-slayer whose brother was possessed and forced to slaughter his father and the other demon slayers. The group encounters many friends and foes during the adventure, including InuYasha’s older half-brother Sesshomaru; Kikyo, who died 50 years ago but, was resurrected with part of Kagome’s soul; Naraku, who tricked Kikyo and InuYasha into turning against each other; and a wolf demon named Koga, who is in love with Kagome and whenever he and InuYasha meet they constantly bicker.”

There isn’t much difference between the anime and manga art. But I’ll reference you to it.


I must admit, I loved this anime when I was… eleven. But I’m fourteen now, and it seems just as cliche as Sailor Moon. Don’t get me wrong, fans — the first two or three seasons rock, but then it just got so… boring after that. Anyway, clocking in at 167 episodes and six seasons, InuYasha proved to almost be as long as Sailor Moon was. In fact, it could’ve gone on way longer after that, as the manga was probably double the size of the anime, but they chose not to. And I’m thankful of that. I probably would’ve skipped over every episode just to watch the end, and be like, “What the heck? Happy ending?”

This one was quite a long one. Even Naruto, with 400 or so chapters, is way shorter than this one. Actually, Naruto has short chapters, with around seventeen pages. InuYasha has about 30 pages. It’s insane! Anyway, InuYasha ended with 558 chapters (wowza!) and 56 volumes. I wonder if America will publish all of those? Good luck to ya, America!

Anyway, I think it’s about time I introduce you to the gang. I’ll have you know, Kagome and InuYasha were always my favorite characters. I wonder why I almost always love the main characters…



Sorry, it was almost impossible to find a better screenshot of InuYasha… than this.

He’s in his “demon form.”

InuYasha is a hanyou (half-demon), the product of an inu-youkai (dog demon) and a human. He wields Tetsusaiga, a supernatural sword made from one of his deceased father’s fangs. When properly wielded, the sword can destroy one hundred demons with a single swing. InuYasha can quickly recover from injuries that would be fatal to a human, largely due to his demonic blood. During the first night of each lunar month (new moon), InuYasha changes into a normal human with black hair and brown eyes and loses his demonic powers. InuYasha was bound to Goshinboku by Kikyo‘s arrow for fifty years until Kagome freed him. InuYasha wears a special bead necklace that forces him to respond to Kagome’s command “Osuwari!”, which translates to “Sit!” in English. In the English-dubbed version, “InuYasha, sit!” or “Sit, boy!” are sometimes used instead. Following the command, InuYasha is thrown to the ground. Kaede had placed the necklace upon InuYasha because he had threatened to kill Kagome if she refused to give the Jewel of Four Souls to him. As the series goes on, he begins to like Kagome more and more, shown when he will leave a battle to keep her from being hurt.


This is what you call the “average Kagome pose.”

She’s always shooting bows and arrows. Anyway…

Kagome is a fifteen-year-old ninth grade student. She is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a miko (priestess) who died fifty years before the time Kagome first emerged from the Bone Eater’s Well in the Sengoku period. Because of this, Kagome has powerful spiritual powers and can sense the shards of the Shikon Jewel, an item that is said to balance the forces of good and evil, and resembles Kikyo. Later in the series, she admits that she loves InuYasha, which is also shown when she stays with him at the end of the series.


That’s him. The pervert always rubbing Sango’s (she’ll be explained in a moment) butt.

Miroku is a Buddhist “houshi” (low-ranking, itinerant monk) who travels the countryside performing services such as exorcisms and yōkai exterminations to earn his living. He suffers from a hereditary curse originally inflicted upon his grandfather Miyatsu (also a Buddhist monk) by Naraku. The curse created a hole in his hand that became a kazaana (air void or “wind tunnel”) that sucks in anything that is not nailed down, regardless of its mass. However, absorbing poisons or sharp objects harms him and can decrease his total life-span, a fact Naraku takes advantage of by creating highly poisonous insects whose presence prevents Miroku from using his kazaana on Naraku or his allies. Miroku uses the kazaana as a powerful weapon against youkai, but if the curse is not broken (by defeating Naraku), it will grow too large to control and will consume Miroku himself. Miroku is a talented con artist who does not hesitate to invent fictitious supernatural menaces, which he can then offer to combat in return for food and shelter. He has a distinct weakness for single women. He makes a point of asking every attractive woman he meets if she will bear his child, and he habitually strokes the buttocks of attractive women. Miroku eventually proposes to Sango, though this does little to curb his flirtations with other women. At the end of the series, they are married with three children.


She’s gripping that giant boomerang she always seems to have.

Sango is a serious “youkai taijiya” (demon slayer) who hails from a village of professional demon slayers. Sango wields the Hiraikotsu, a massive boomerang made of youkai bones, and uses a broad repertoire of tools and tricks to battle youkai. Sango seeks revenge against Naraku for the death of her family and her entire village. In addition, Sango seeks to rescue her brother Kohaku from Naraku’s influence and somehow save his life, even though Kohaku’s life is tied to the jewel shard embedded in his back. She eventually develops romantic feelings for Miroku. Despite the fact that everyone, even InuYasha, notices her interest, she refuses to admit it exists. The manifestation of her interest often takes the form of hitting Miroku when he flirts with other single women. Miroku eventually returns her feelings and proposes to her. At the end of the series, they are married with three children.


Look at Shippou. He’s such a brave little fox, in his own way.

Shippou is a young orphan kitsune (fox demon) whose father was killed by the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten, and the first character in the story to join InuYasha and Kagome in their travels. Shippo can shape shift, but his forms are temporary and often incomplete and ineffective, such that he is usually given away by his tail. His other noteworthy abilities are using illusionary tricks with toys like his giant spinning top attack, using his race’s notable foxfire magic, and duplicating things, such as leaves or his own body. He tends to be naively observant and often makes pointed and cheeky comments directed towards InuYasha, earning him a retaliatory rap on the head for his unsolicited “advice”.


That’s a typical scene. Kirara’s owner is Sango, so of course they cuddle!

She’s so cute… but scary and deadly when she transforms.

Kirara is Sango’s faithful nekomata. She has cream-colored fur, black ears, two black stripes on each of her two bushy tails near the tip, and black-tipped paws. Kirara can change between two forms: a ferocious lion-sized youkai with the ability to fly, and a cute kitten. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo often use Kirara’s flying ability as transportation in order to keep up with InuYasha.

Well, that’s them all! There’s a bunch more of characters, but these are the ones you’ll probably see in nearly every episode. Since I have fond memories and I’m such a fan girl, I’m going to post a few more pictures!

All right, all right! I’m done fan-girling. Thanks for reading. Hope I made it interesting for you! Rina-chan, out, and a big, giant “Peace!!” to you!


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