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Monday, August 25, 2008 rinachan
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I really haven’t informed anyone on some movies, have I? Well, I will today! Several movies you might be interested in are…

NANA The Movie

NANA The Movie follows the same story as the manga and anime — Two girls, with the same name, from completely different worlds meet by chance one night as they travel to Tokyo by train. They’re setting out to follow their dreams; Nana Osaki wants to make it big in the world of rock and roll, and Hachi (Nana Komatsu) wants to become a housewife and follow her boyfriend to Tokyo.

There is a sequel to this movie, titled NANA 2, and it starts off right after Hachi meets Takumi from Trapnest and gets pregnant. This one pretty much covers that whole story, when the tensions run high and she has to explain to her current boyfriend (Nobu from BLAST, which is Nana O’s band) what on earth is going on.

Sadly, the actress for Hachi in that movie completely changes — she’s replaced with another girl, who is just not as fitting. Although that let me down, I really enjoyed this movie. Both movies are available in America and Canada with English subtitles, provided by Viz Media.

Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsu Monogatari)

Another movie released in the States and Canada, this one focuses more on comedy than drama. It has the same conception of NANA; two girls from completely different worlds become friends. One’s a yankee, and the other’s a frilly-dress girl who grew up with a gangster as a father. Despite Ichigo (the yankee) having more of the clean background and Momoko (the Lolita fashion queen) having the dirtier one, they dress and act completely the opposite. The story starts, though, when Momoko runs low on cash and decides to sell her dad’s fake Versace. Ichigo buys from her, and since then, the two become increasingly closer. There are several scenes when Momoko teases her, and Ichigo “playfully” knocks Momoko out. Regardless, Ichigo eventually needs her help — her gang leader is leaving, and since she is very much respected, she needs Momoko to find a girl, Emma, who embroiders clothing. After not finding her, Momoko decides to embroider the jacket herself.

My favorite scene has to be when Ichigo’s old gang is about to beat her up. Ms. Frilly Dress just surprises me completely, and it’s hilarious! You have to watch this movie, you hear me? Okay.

Sorry for the short post — I just got home after a long day of running around and this is even tiring me out. I will post a bit later to make up for it, though. My next post will be for Japanese dramas/comedies shows rather than movies. Oh, and I assure you — I’ve seen every movie I listed here.


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