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Saturday, August 30, 2008 rinachan
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This article will be about, literally, artists. I’ll discuss their art and give you several examples.


Whoops, what a priceless expression.

Anyway, onto the story now. Kusukusu is probably most known for his work with games, like Dear My Friend. They’re typically h-games (hentai games; basically, porn) revolving around several girls and one guy. Of course, put one typical horny teenager with a bunch of cute girls, having several… happenings (such as the one above), and you’ve got yourself a hentai party.

Okay. Moving on, Kusukusu’s art usually has this… era around it. You can notice his art anywhere, as long as you pay attention. It’s usually bright but soft, and he often uses blond characters. He uses many details, from the ruffles on a girl’s skirt to the cherry blossoms or the market surrounding her. His art is very clever too; notice how her skirt happened to fly up, but because she was holding food, she couldn’t sweep down to it and pull it back down. She could only stand there, surprised and embarrassed.

Here are some more pictures of his art; I have to say, I am a fan of it.

Swing wingS

Wow, isn’t that a pretty picture? I love how this artist does his colors.

Swing wingS is, as far as I know, not really known for being with anything. Actually, I think it’s just a guy who does pictures for fun and then does CG. Still, the art is (especially more recently) very breath-taking.

Swing wingS also took a hatius back in ’06, and didn’t return until ’08, with just one new picture to show for. That’s actually my reason for suspecting that he’s just an artist-for-fun and nothing more. I really admire his art though. It’s gorgeous.

His pictures are really easy to spot. They’re almost always really bright, with a neon-color tint to it. I’m not sure how to classify the color; it’s kind of in a world all its own. I’ll just show you by picture!

Naru Nanao

If you look at anime pictures frequently, I’m sure you’ll recognize that picture. It’s super-popular.

Naru’s work is really pretty. She’s not affiliated with any one company, but usually does do designs for multiple video games. She’s most known for her work for three heroines on Da Capo’s visual novel. She has also helped with several other visual novels, including one of the Canvas 2 games.

It’s also easy to determine Naru’s art, as she has a special way with eyes. Her character’s eyes are unique and, she usually does ecchi (not exactly hentai, but is somewhat perverted) work. Here’s a few examples of her work:

Collaboration with Noizi Ito

Naru’s girl is on the left.

Tony Taka

Tony Taka is a super-popular Japanese artist. He’s best known for his ecchi/hentai pictures, and, as I’ve seen many say, he has the work of a god. Well, actually, whenever I see anime pictures of his posted on websites, it’s revealed that he has a wide fan base and, so far, I’ve seen not one person who says he’s not a good artist.

Tony Taka’s work is very unique–instead of the huge, round eyes, he uses small and simple ones. Most of the girls he draws are attractive and fit. They have somewhat-small heads (for anime, at least) and the colors are very simplistic. I’ll post several examples for you.

That’s it for now! I’ll post something else in just a bit, though. Stay tuned!


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