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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 rinachan
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I’m going to talk about anime I’ve recently viewed.


It’s not as popular as it should be. Really. BECK is about a boy, Yukio (known as Koyuki by nickname), who meets a guy (Ryuusuke) who is in a band. NO! Not a romance! Not even close. The first thing Ryuusuke pretty much tells him to do is get lost. Yup. In the end, Koyuki takes up guitar and starts to get really good. He joins BECK, and together, they make music more magical together than any other band out there. Even if by chance, they get sufficiently popular in such a short time… Oh. Sorry. It’s a really good anime, I loved it. I loved the soundtrack. The characters are real, not fake at all. If something bad happens, someone either stands up to make it right or the problem isn’t fixed. No, the day isn’t saved by some chance. This is the true life of a rock star, isn’t it?

Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts is a romance. Yes, a romance. I actually just finished this one today, and I enjoyed it very much. Most of the time, I screamed at the characters. For a romance/shoujo, this one was pretty good. Nothing rosey or fake, this one had real pain. Real sadness. And you were lucky if you got a happy ending.

It focuses around a group of friends, mainly Mitsuki, Takayuki, and Haruka (although Akane played a major part and so did Shinji). Life is grand for them; they’re happy, enjoying the last years of high school, hanging out, sitting on hills. Until… the accident happened. Haruka and Takayuki had a date. Nothing major, just a date. On the way there, he saw Mitsuki, and, after hearing it was her birthday, took time out to buy her a gift. He knew Haruka would understand. Only, when he gets there, he discovers that a car went off the road and hit her as she was waiting. She was left in a coma. This deeply affected him, and everyone around him. He eventually moves on (after being depressed and in a daze for a year) thanks to Mitsuki, and they fall in love. Only, when Haruka wakes up (after three years), he feels that he owes it so much to her that he visits her everyday, and even cheats on Mitsuki. The story basically follows the pain that everyone goes through — from Akane’s younger-sister complex of lying to her older sister (since Haruka thinks no time has passed), to Mitsuki’s boss going through a divorce. Even though the show is full of sadness (and sometimes laughs), it eventually ends up at a happy ending (not due to chance, just due to characters making choices).

Love Hina

Even though the anime is practically ancient and super popular, I never watched it. Just recently (several days ago), I finished the anime and found myself to really like it.

It’s about a guy that makes a promise to a little girl fifteen years ago that they’ll get into Tokyo U (one of Japan’s most prestigious univerisities) and be together. Only, the little girl moves away and Keitaro forgets her name. He goes on, studying for the exams every year (and failing miserably most of the time) with only the memory of her and the promise in mind. He eventually ends up at Hinata Hotsprings, by the request of his grandmother, and becomes the manager. It’s an all-girl apartment and hotspring. This story follows his life of girls, girls, and more girls, and maybe two or three guys, and how they all pick on him but still become attached to him.

Sorry it isn’t the longest post, but with school (and exhausting yard work), I found myself lucky enough to even post today. Thanks, once again, for reading, and Rina-chan’s out!


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