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Songs I’ve listened to as of recent.

Well, it’s been two days, and even though I’m a little behind on schoolwork, I’m going to review again for you!

Yoo Seung Jun’s Shut Up!!

Recently, I listened to a song called Shut Up!! on a YouTube AMV (anime music video). I was addicted like crazy. Well, click play on the above, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s the AMV I watched.

Ha ha, I really love that song. The singer/rapper for the song is a guy who is from South Korea. He lived in the US for a while and was actually banned from returning to Korea until his step father died. Then he allowed back for the funeral.

Ayumi Lee’s Wrongful Meeting

I found this song when I was browsing on CrunchyRoll. It’s another Korean song, too. (I’ve really betrayed my Japanese blog, haven’t I?) I liked it live, it sounded pretty good. There’s no music video (that I’m aware of), but at least it’s popular enough to get YouTube videos, huh?

Anyway, the singer debuted in girl-group Sugar. They occasionally did Japanese songs, too. Ayumi fit in perfectly in that scene since she grew up and spent the majority of her life in Japan (despite being Korean).

Waii’s ตกหลุมรัก

Haha, now we’re getting into urban Thai music. This is one catchy tune, parodying on one of Beethoven’s pieces. At first, the language was quite… weird to me. But now I really love her music! It’s very unique compared to other urban artists.

Sorry that I don’t have an western title and I used symbols. It’s pretty tough finding her music.

Hyori Lee’s U-Go-Girl

That’s a live performance of the song. Hyori Lee paired up with another girl. I think it’s pretty good.

It’s also Hyori’s comeback single. Her sales weren’t going so good before, so now she’s doing a different type of hip hop. It’s much more original now, even though I loved her old music!

It’s in Korean.

Thelma Aoyama’s ONE WAY

She’s a goddess on the vocals. She’s also a newbie in the music industry, debuting back in 2007. What does that mean? She’s definitely got natural talent. I love this song, along with her other song “GOOD TIME” on the same single. I love listening to this song in the car!

Psst, does anyone know if she was born in America? Or Canada? Or something? Her English is flawless!

Chieko Kawabe’s Mermaid (Mama made)

Haha, for one reason or another, Chie’s my favorite singer. I’m in love with her music, and recently, I’m in love with this song. It’s so… catchy and yet, slow. It’s addicting. I just love it!

Chie’s French and Japanese (although she may not really look it). She’s also a model and actress, starring in the Sailor Moon musicals as Sailor Mercury and being casted in the live-action Sailor Moon series as Naru.

Dohzi-T ft. Thelma Aoyama – Yaku Soku no Hi

I heard this one browsing YouTube’s profile for Universal Music Japan. I fell in love with the song; it’s so beautiful, and I swore I knew the chorus’s voice from somewhere — Thelma Aoyama! That made me even happier. I really have no information on the artist. They’re pretty unwell-known, so I couldn’t even look on Wikipedia. However, after flying all over the internet and translating what seemed like a thousand Japanese pages, I found a download! Yay!

And that concludes today’s post. I hope you guys found your newest favorite song or at least something you like.

Rina-chan, out!


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